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Audio Control

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Audio Control - listen in real time what is happening near your computer or mobile phone!You want to hear what your little baby is still asleep or awake and calling you? - Then this program is for you!You want to know what your property and real estate are at rest while you are not home? - Then this program is for you!Audio Control allows you to listen to what is happening near the phone or computer in real time. With our program you will always be up to date!----Technical information.The program consists of two parts: a transmitter and receiver. The receiver is installed on the phone (OS Android). The transmitters can be installed on your computer (OS Windows) or phone (OS Android). You do not need to download transmitters - they have already embedded in the receiver for your convenience, because the target device might not have access to the WWW or the app store.----Disclaimer.WARNING. Using this program for covert audio surveillance and recording is illegal. Every time you start the transmitter, ALL the people are in the coverage area must agree to audio surveillance and recording. If the device on which to run the transmitter, operates autonomously, the agreement shall be deemed obtained 30 seconds after prompting. However, in this case, the coverage area should ALWAYS be placed posters "WARNING. Audio surveillance and recording. If you disagree, then immediately leave the territory."